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Court ruling: Obama administration overlooked fracking risks — RT USA

Die Obama-Regierung hat das Gesetz gebrochen. Zu diesem Schluss kommt ein Gericht in Kalifornien. Der Bundesrichter befand, dass die Regierung Umweltbelange „KOMPLETT IGNORIERT“ habe.

The Obama administration has broken the law, issuing oil leases across California without examining the risks of fracking. A federal judge ruled that the administration has “completely ignored” environmental concerns upon issuing the leases.In response to a lawsuit filed by environmentalist groups, US Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal ruled that the US Bureau of Land Management BLM violated the law by distributing oil drilling rights before reviewing the potential risks associated with fracking.“BLM’s dismissal of any development scenario involving fracking as ‘outside of its jurisdiction’ simply did not provide the ‘hard look’ at the issue that NEPA requires,” Grewal said during Sunday’s ruling in San Jose, Calif

Court ruling: Obama administration overlooked fracking risks — RT USA.

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